Project Description

Elisa Marchetti

Elisa Marchetti met the clarinet for the first time at the age of ten and would never let it go after that.

During her studies in Italy and Switzerland, she began to perform the bass clarinet, which became her primary instrumental passion. Nonetheless, Elisa performs with many members of the clarinet family—from clarinet to the contrabass clarinet. She loves playing chamber music and has become really involved in it. She took part in several chamber music projects from clarinet quartet “Quatuor Chouette” to “Tandem Duo,” also winning some international chamber music competitions and collaborating with ensembles in Europe and in the United States.

Marchetti has also collaborated with several Italian and Swiss Orchestras, playing under conductors like Jos van Immerseel, François-Xavier Roth, Ekkehard Klemm, and Gergely Madaras. She’s also performed in many prestigious halls across Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Vatican City.

Elisa has been described as “a talented and involved teacher.” she teaches clarinet and saxophone at the Musikschule Aarberg and is a clarinet teacher at the Musikschule Brittnau, in Switzerland. Additionally, she holds regular masterclasses for both instrumental and chamber music in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, as well as collaborating with Conservatories and Universities.

In 2021, Marchetti published her first book “La Guida per il Genitore del Clarinettista” by Quinta Corda, a didactical work which answers parents’ common questions about the clarinet, giving information and tips for better support at home for the young clarinet students.

Elisa has premiered many pieces in her career. Numerous composers have dedicated works to her, such as “6 Capricci Per Clarinetto Basso” for solo bass clarinet and “Elegia” for clarinet and orchestra by Andrea Vezzoli, “Primavera Siciliana” for solo bass clarinet by Giuseppe Testa, “Gibran” for solo bass clarinet by Giovanni Mattaliano, and “Sincopatology” by Ugo Raimondi.