Chad Burrow


Chad Burrow Associate Professor of Music University of Michigan Quote: " I like the ligatures a great deal and really like the carbon fiber model.  I normally play the Silverstein Estro and I have been quite happy with it.  The carbon fiber seems to focus the sound a bit more for me, without losing the resonance.  It would also

Sam Martin


Sam Martin Clarinet Associate Professor, Wayne State University Michigan Opera Theater Quote: "For twenty years I've played the same ligature. During that time, I have tried countless different models, and this is the first one that has compelled me to switch. It has a lovely, focused sound and amazing response. It's the  best ligature I've played." Sam Martin

Debra Richtmeyer


Debra Richtmeyer Quote: I am extremely impressed with the Jewel Expressions Ligatures, Eddie Daniels model GOLD!  It allows all registers, including the altissimo to have a round, clear and vibrant tone, excellent response, clear, easy articulation and outstanding dynamics from ppp-fff.  Congratulations! Debra Richtmeyer, a renowned soloist and pedagogue, has performed and taught master classes throughout North America and

Joseph Lulloff


Joseph Lulloff Quote: "The Jewel Expressions Ligatures, Eddie Daniels model are truly superb, they enable the player flexibility, while giving a rich and responsive sound. AMAZING!" Joseph Lulloff is professor of saxophone and area chair of woodwinds at the Michigan State University College of Music. Acclaimed internationally for his innovative style and musical virtuosity, Yamaha and Vandoren

Alex Foster


Alex Foster A musical heavyweight, saxophonist Alex Foster has been a part of many of the world’s most influential sounds to date. Best known in recent years for his work as the alto saxophonist in the house band of Saturday Night Live, he has also shared the stage with numerous world-class performers in varying genres. His is

Elisa Marchetti


Elisa Marchetti Elisa Marchetti met the clarinet for the first time at the age of ten and would never let it go after that. During her studies in Italy and Switzerland, she began to perform the bass clarinet, which became her primary instrumental passion. Nonetheless, Elisa performs with many members of the clarinet family—from clarinet to the

Giuseppi Balbi


Giuseppi Balbi Diplomatosi nel 1972 con il massimo dei voti al Conservatorio “A.Corelli” di Messina, dal 1974 è 1° Clarinetto, vincitore di concorso, nell’Orchestra del Teatro Massimo di Palermo; Fino al 1993 è stato titolare della cattedra di Clarinetto presso il Conservatorio di Messina.Nel 1981 Ha partecipato a Tanglewood (USA) al Seminario di Direzione d’orchestra tenuto, tra

Christopher Collins


Christopher Collins Christopher Collins is president and artistic director of the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation. He is focused on creating unique international and regional programming, powerful educational initiatives, long-term financial stability, creative technology, global collaborations, and a festival that annually welcomes more than 325,000 jazz lovers from around the world. An active jazz artist and Valade Chair


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